Strategies and Places

Strategies and Places, course 7X600, Architecture at the University of Technology Eindhoven.

Within this course the main focus was on Cologne in the period of Stubben, a very infuential urban designer who designed the new ring in Cologne around 1900. Together with 160 students the assigned blocks from “das neue Koln” were drawn using Google Sketchup, resulting in a massive model containing almost every building block from the investigated design of Stubben. The final hand-in has led to an overview of the students personal block with its facades and sections, its surrounding streets, squares, and the opposite building block facades. Also the history of the building block was investigated using historical pictures and drawings from different sources.

Click this link to read the final hand-in.

Project Details

Client: University of Technology Eindhoven, Strategies and Places, 7X600

Date: 01/28/2014

Tutor ir. Jos Bosman