The Unprogrammed – Seminar

In the research we focused on realized buildings and on what is in them, aside of the required utilitarian surfaces of the programme. These items together we called The Unprogrammed.

The seminar consisted of three parts: A. Analysis of a realized building, with a focus on the distinction between the programmed and the unprogrammed; B. Exercise of filling this building with an average programme of today. C. The writing of a short essay that focuses on the virtues of the analyzed building in respect to its ability to contain other programmes than the one originally intended.

The experience of the buildings which caused some debate within the group was part of this Seminar also. This resulted in a 3 day trip through France with stops in Paris, Nantes, Metz and Liège.

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Layout book in collaboration with Rene Heuvelink and Jorg de Bie.


Project Details

Client: University of Technology Eindhoven, Seminar The Unprogrammed

Date: 06/19/2013

Tutors: Klaas Kingma, Maarten Willems